That was phenomenal!!!!!!!

Today was finally here, i have been waiting for this day for ever!!   It was the day of the ekka!!!! It was going to be phenomena and what was going to be even better cuase my best freind ella was coming with me. My mum was going to drop us off at 8:00am aand pick us up at 3:00pm and she is giong to give us both $300  each. Ella came around at 6:30 and then we left at 7:00 so then we got there at 8:00 cause it 1 hour to get to the city from my house. Today is going to be phenomenal!!!

One thought on “That was phenomenal!!!!!!!”

  1. Hello Charlotte,

    The Ekka? It would have been the 90s when I was last there. I know how much fun it can be so it would be a great place for a phenomenal day. Well done.

    Ross Mannell (Team 100WC)
    Teacher (retired), N.S.W., Australia

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